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Core Film Productions

About Us

Building on our strong heritage of ground-breaking 'attention grabbing' programming, CoreFilmProductions works closely with some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies to produce captivating branded content for today's evolving media landscape including The National Film Board of Canada and Canadian Broadcast and Television Network.

Whether it’s online films, social media content, or ad-funded programming, we offer brands the opportunity to collaborate with us to create rich and engaging stories that deepen their connection with a global audience.

Additionally, We tend to focus our lenses towards humanitarian, social and global concerns of all. Through out the years, we've managed to produce documentaries that addressed national and international human right concerns presented through a stylistic and  yet a realistic manner that captivates the audience into the story.

Core Film Productions produces media related projects in affiliation with Coretoons Production.

The Team

The People of Core Film Productions

Fateh Ahmed


Director - Producer

Aimee Hedman

Executive Producer

Elsy Makhlouf


Yara Jamal
Salah El-Mekki
Aurora Ellingsen

Director of Photography

Senior Animator

Production Coordinator

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